We turn our ideas into reality and create innovative and solution-oriented products for conveyor plants of bulk materials

Based on more than 3 decades of know-how in the area of materials handling technology, we have been analyzing critical points in conveyor systems and developing new cost-efficient solutions for improvement and optimization. With this innovation strategy we have been creating unique products like the AirScrape, DustScrape and SpeedScrape. Our new developments are economic and easy to assemble but allow a significant prevention of dust formation, spill and a more careful and efficient belt cleaning at critical sections along the conveyor route and transfer points.

To optimize the use, we offer individual advice for planning and implementation of projects. In this way our customers receive solutions that are exactly meeting their requirements. For you as a customer it means cost reduction, longevity, increase of safety, reduction of breakdown risks and thus sustainability when operating your conveyor system.

We are continuously working on new ideas that we want to launch onto the market in the near future. But already today everyone can profit from the results of our developments.