Jens Schuhmacher

„We are convinced 100% of the new system and the AirScrape. The AirScrape keeps our transfer points dust- and spill-free – longer than all other usual side sealings. Maintenance- and cleaning is no longer necessary. That is to say, the AirScrape quickly paid off. The second transfer point has already been upgraded and more will follow.”

Peter Skrzypczyk

„We were one of the first to try the AirScrape. Now the AirScrape has been running trouble-free for 3 years and is convincing every day and at every load. Up to this day the AirScrape allows clean and dust-free conveyance. And there is no reason to doubt that it will continue to do so for many years.”

Ronald Lehmann
Field manager plant engineering

„I discovered the AirScrape 2016 at the Schüttgut (Bulk Material) in Dortmund for the first time and was immediately convinced of its functional principle. I ordered it directly at the exhibition and a few weeks later it was installed at one of our problematic transfer points. The usual amounts of dust and spills were gone after installation. Now, 6 months later, there are still no visible traces of wear and tear. It is convincing from start to finish. Our grade: A+.”

Uwe Schridde
Operations manager

“We had really tested all possible side sealings, but unfortunately none of the tested products could solve our problems in the long-term. The wear and tear at the side sealing stopped the effects of the side sealing. This is why dust formation and material spill occurred again and again. We are talking about a couple of tons per quarter. The concept of the AirScrape is actually very simple. It works contact-free and thus causing no wear and tear. Now the AirScrape has been operating very reliably for almost 4 years at our transfer points and keeps the area behind the crusher clean. Capacities freed can now be used elsewhere.”