The AirScrape® functional principle

AirScrape® is a side skirt sealing system for belt conveyors, which has been developed, patented and manufactured in Germany, to pristine quality, safety and environmental standards.

This contact-free conveyor skirt sealing system, which acts a highly-effective side seal, is suspended over the conveyor belt. By means of the unique diagonal arrangement of hardened lamellae, air is led from the outside into the middle of the belt, thus creating an air suction. The material movement and the moving belt support increases the suction effect, so that fine dust particles remain in the conveyor section. Additionally, coarse materials pushing outward are led back to the middle of the belt by the lamellae significantly decreasing spill.

The innovative AirScrape® design has a triple positive effect. This conveyor belt sealing system reduces the spill and dust formation at the transfer points and other critical sections in the conveyor chain. Additionally, because this skirt sealing System hovers freely above the conveyor belt, skirt friction and belt damage are eliminated and service life of every component of the conveyor is extended.

Advantages & benefits

  • This conveyor skirt sealing system works effectively on both large and fine particles
  • Dust emission and explosion hazards are reduced
  • Belt damage is eliminated due to absence of skirt contact
  • Hardened steel blades of this conveyor skirting system reduces skirt wear
  • Reduced motor power requirement as there is no belt-skirt friction
  • Vastly prolongs service life due to lack of belt contact
  • Minimal product loss
  • AirScrape significantly reduces maintenance and replacement cost
  • Easy installation, normally using the existing clamping system
  • This innovative Skirting System offers continuous skirting with no gaps
  • Contributes to health and environmental protection

Comparison of AirScrape® and conventional side sealing

The photograph shows the situation at the transfer point before and after modification with AirScrape®. In direct comparison the effect of the AirScrape® is clearly visible. Dust formation and spill can no longer be seen.


Examples of application

AirScrape ® - LARGE

Technical Data

Carrier materialPolyurethane, optional
- low-wear = standard
- flame-resistant and antistatic
- heat resistant material on request
ShoreShore A 70 ± 5
Working temperature-30° to + 80° C
Lamella Material> 360 HB or stainless steel
System length2 m right and left side

Suitable for trough angle ()
from 0° to 45°
Belt overhang: > 102 mm


What type of AirScrape®-variety is required for my conveyor system?

It takes minimal data to find out what type of AirScrape®-variety you need for your conveyor system. Simply fill in the trough angle and the belt protrusion of your system that you would like to fit with AirScrape® and allow us to do the rest.
(Belt protrusion in Grad)

G (Belt overhang in mm)
Left side

Right side

You need


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