Unique power saving dust protection

ScrapeTec, the developers of innovative dust protection solutions for transfer points on conveyor systems, were also present at this year’s SOLIDS in Dortmund. On March 29th and 30th, they received a large number of interested visitors at their booth, as they did previously at bauma. The focus this time was on the DustScrape, a filter unit placed in the direction of belt travel in front of the chute, which effectively reduces the otherwise accumulating dust to almost zero when combined with the innovative AirScrape side sealing and the TailScrape rear sealing. ScrapeTec presented a more robust upgrade in box form to the previous tunnel solution clad in filter cloth. This dust protection solution has a previously largely overlooked economic effect: dust extractions at the operating sites can be switched off due to the effectiveness of the solution. In other words, the high energy costs for operating the dust extraction systems can be greatly reduced. The high demand for such dust protection solutions was evident in the number of visitors at the booth. In addition to the high number of interested parties from the domestic market, ScrapeTec’s partners from India and Brazil were also present.”We were once again thrilled by the rush of visitors and were able to establish many new contacts. In addition, existing and very satisfied customers from Germany also came with colleagues, i.e. responsible persons from other conveyor systems of the company, so that they could get a first-hand explanation of the effectiveness of our solutions from us,” said Thorsten Koth, who is responsible for sales at ScrapeTec. Even though there was zero dust generation at the ScrapeTec booth, a cold beer was also gladly taken by visitors in addition to the interesting information. It remains to be seen whether ScrapeTec will now be more in demand in the domestic market. The number of visitors to the ScrapeTec booth at SOLIDS suggests this may be the case. Finally, the company’s products are now being used worldwide with their dust protection solutions, whose effectiveness is internationally recognized.