Well-known Trade Show in Kansas City Invites You: Scrapetec Exhibiting from February 24 – 27

The renowned GEAPS Exchange trade show in Kansas City is once again opening its doors to enthusiasts and professionals from around the world. Among the many well-known exhibitors participating in the trade show, we are pleased to announce the presence of Scrapetec/BLT World at Booth Number 434. The event will take place from February 24 to 27, and everyone is invited to attend.

Scrapetec, known for its highly innovative and leading solutions for conveyor belt components, especially transfers, will be exhibiting at the trade show and presenting the latest technologies and products, such as the contactless side sealing system, the AirScrape. Visitors to this trade show can take advantage of the unique opportunity to get a comprehensive overview of the current offerings and experience the latest innovations in this industry at the Scrapetec/BLT World booth.

The trade show in Kansas City has established itself as a meeting point for industry experts and provides an excellent platform for networking. It offers access to the latest information, products, and services offered by the leading companies in the industry. This year, the trade show will take place from February 24 to 27. During this time, thousands of visitors are expected to take advantage of the opportunity to learn about innovative technologies and industry-leading products. Participating in the trade show offers a prime opportunity to engage with industry professionals, establish new business partnerships, and expand one’s knowledge.

The Scrapetec/BLT World booth, Booth Number 434, should be an absolute must-visit for every attendee of this prestigious trade show. Join us as Scrapetec presents its latest developments and visit the trade show in Kansas City from February 24 to 27.

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