Scrapetec participated on the Global Gypsum/Global Insulation Conference in Chicago, presenting innovative solutions like the AirScrape and DustScrape for dust prevention.
The Global Gypsum/Global Insulation Conference, recently held in Chicago, was a mix of innovative thinking and global collaboration. We at Scrapetec are grateful and proud to have been able to participate in this remarkable event and present our innovative solutions, such as the AIrScrape or the DustScrape for dust prevention.

Our goal was to demonstrate how we assist the industry in saving energy and costly maintenance work – without neglecting efficiency. We believe that we have successfully mastered this, and the reactions we have received confirm this.

Thanks to the conference, we were able to establish valuable new contacts and strengthen our global presence in the gypsum and insulation sector. We took great pleasure in sharing our ideas and concepts with more than 450 visitors from all over the world. And yes, the interest was impressively large.

For this, we would especially like to thank the organizers of the conference. The event was excellently prepared and ran smoothly. It is inspiring to see industry experts from around the world come together to jointly find solutions for the challenges of our time.

We at Scrapetec are already looking forward to being part of this important industry event next time. Until then, stay tuned, we have plenty of interesting news to share.