ScrapeTec sponsors the SPECULUM team
SHITBOX RALLY – Spring 2023 – Australia

The famous Shitbox Rally starts in Port Douglas on October 13th and runs over almost 3,000 km across the entire continent to Adelaide in the south of Australia. The traditional fun race takes place twice a year in Australia and is dedicated to a good cause. All of the funds raised will be made available to the Cancer Council organization. This organization cares for the needs of cancer patients in Australia and runs a research and prevention program.

Teams will take their cars, valued at a maximum of $1,500, on a 7-day drive around Australia to raise money for cancer research. The rally is not a race in the traditional sense – it is a fun and colorful adventure in which participants travel in smaller groups at their own pace. The spirit of this race is not about winning but about a shared experience with a high level of fun and raising money for cancer research. The motto is “we leave no one behind”. At the end of each racing day, the successes are celebrated together and the night is spent in the tent under the stars.

This year we decided to call on our partner and friend Charles from Kinder Australia Pty Ltd. to support this great campaign. He and his friend Cameron are taking part in this year’s Spring Rally as Team SPECULUM. Charles and Cameron have already raised an entry fee of $9,200 through donations. In total, the Shitbox Rally Spring 2023 donated a remarkable sum of $2,208,267 to cancer research.

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Here are some more impressions from the 2023 fall race: