Bom dia Brasil: ScrapeTec conquers the south american market

The great land of Brazil has many mineral resources and corresponding mining capacities. Managers from big mines and cement plants around the Sugar Loaf have already asked ScrapeTec. As always, the AirScrape, the contactless skirting, is the focus of many interested parties. Same in Brazil. Countless articles in trade magazines, videos from practical use or trade fairs brings attention to the solutions from ScrapeTec, which not only prevent dust and material loss at the transfer points, but also protect investments in the conveyor systems in the long term. Many companies worldwide already rely on the AirScrape contactless side sealing and the other products of the ScrapeTec dust protection solutions and fast achievement of the ROI (Return on Investment).
So far, the partner in Peru, Ingeniara del Sur based in Lima, has been responsible for sales in markets such as Chile and Ecuador. Again with partners for technical customer support. But the resources are limited to be able to provide the usual “solution finding for customers” at ScrapeTec in Brazil as well. According to ScrapeTec sales manager Thorsten Koth, you don’t just want to sell products to customers. The partners should examine the neuralgic points on the conveyor systems and develop effective solutions with suitable products for the customers and accompany them during operation and optimize them if necessary. “We have already made some contacts in Brazil and are in negotiations with potential partners,” says Thorsten Koth. “It won’t be long before we, together with a permanent Brazilian partner, will be able to look after customer inquiries from Brazil individually and offer solutions. Thanks to modern communication technology, we are always very close to our partners. With Javier Garcia from Ingeneria del Sur in Peru, for example, I have telephone contact or a video conference almost every week. And of course additionally if required. This type of cooperation is important to us. After that, we choose our partners. After all, together we are a team for the customer!”.

If a partner in Brazil has already been determined by bauma in Munich, this will certainly be communicated at the trade fair. And as usual in the industry, also outside the ScrapeTec booth.

– to be cuntinued –