Growing up Down Under: ScrapeTec with partner Kinder on course for success in the cement industry.

In 2017, the AirScrape was presented for the first time at the leading trade fair AIMEX in Australia. In the meantime, many mining companies Down Under have been won over by the innovative side seal for handovers. Also in the cement industry.

The Kinder Australia Pty Ltd. is known to be a leading provider of planning and equipment for conveyor systems in the Pacific region. There, the family business looks after a large number of customers from a wide variety of industries. The innovative conveyor skirting developed by ScrapeTec has been an integral part of the product range of partner Kinder in Australia since 2021. More and more customers are opting for the dust protection solution that eliminates dust and thus spillage at the transfer points of the conveyor systems. The AirScrape has also been able to convince in the cement industry. In a previous article we reported on the Port Brisbane project. Here, thanks to the AirScrape and supporting products, Kinder completely freed a 70m long tunnel in which dusty bulk goods were transported.

The strong presence of ScrapeTec Trading GmbH at the trade fairs, the large number of articles in the trade publications and the many videos of the AirScrape in effective use, which speak for themselves, have ensured an increasing demand worldwide. You can feel that with Kinder in Australia too. The number of projects in which the AirScrape is used as part of a comprehensive dust protection solution is gradually increasing. Especially for cement manufacturers, Kinder is currently tackling the majority of new projects.

In this industry, too, it has been recognized that a dust protection solution from ScrapeTec at the transfer points of the conveyor systems brings lasting advantages: complete dust reduction, no material losses, minimization of cleaning and maintenance costs and long-term protection of the investment in the conveyor system. That pays off, also for cement manufacturers.

– to be continued –