Inventor and company founder Wilfried Dünnwald personally provided information on the dust protection innovations for conveyor transfer points at the ScrapeTec Trading GmbH booth at SOLIDS 2022 and was very busy on both days.

Dortmund, SOLIDS from June 22-23, 2022, booth B12-4. The accumulation of visitors in front of the ScrapeTec booth led to the assumption that free beer was being offered here. In fact, the rush was due to interest in the innovative products that ScrapeTec is known for. Solutions that come from “out of the box” thinking. Wilfried Dünnwald, company founder and owner, demonstrated all innovative products and their interaction to the visitors on a running model. ScrapeTec showed its competence for dust protection solutions for everything related to the transfer to conveyor belts – including the AirScrape®, the innovative and non-contact conveyor skirting system. And the latest development, the PrimeTracker: a conveyor belt tracking guide roller that corrects the belt quickly and easily so that it always runs in the middle. The advantages: no wear, immediate response to misalignment situations and easy installation in existing systems – also suitable for reversible belts. The demand at the fair was high and the stand was more than well attended. Finally, information about the products and their mode of action was obtained first-hand from the inventor Wilfried Dünnwald. The former mining engineer in “unretirement” was able to serve the questions and needs of interested parties in the best possible way. The topic of cost reduction through intelligent solutions in this area of ​​conveyor systems also attracted a great deal of interest. At the booth, the advantages of being dust-free, the reduced contamination of the system components and the maintenance-free solutions from ScrapeTec were moderated in an economically comprehensible manner. The acceptance of this topic was high, as many companies feel compelled to rethink against the background of the current European challenges. The presence of customers who reported satisfied practical experiences with the ScrapeTec solutions already in use was a real benefit for many visitors. The result was many inquiries. ScrapeTec owner Wilfried Dünnwald and sales manager Thorsten Koth are now looking forward to POWTECH from August 30th to September 1st. in Nuernberg and the BAUMA from October 24th to 30th, 2022 in Munich. In Munich at the latest, they will present another innovation: the E-PrimeTracker.